Complex Systems

Where Do You Start? 

 Putting a website together from scratch seems really difficult. Where to start?  Learn this or that or the other?

 I did a fair bit of work with Front Page 2000, before getting into blogs (where the bulk of the work seemed done for you) and these kind of web-pages (I can use a template and get on with the content writing).

Still, what little HTML I know has come in handy for tweaking and fixing things the WYSIWYG systems don’t do right…so I have added a useful link to the Blogroll, for either finding just that one code you need, or for learning the basics. 

Where do you store it?

  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may include some webspace in your package
  • Blogs and online webpage makers like this already provide the storage space
  • You can pay for storage space, and an elegant domain name, etc

Note: If you want to find out whether a domain name is available, you can easily check at a site like this

Uploading Files to your website

If you have either paid for (or been given by your ISP) some webspace, you will need to learn just a little about how to upload and download files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).  

  • They may provide software to do this, or
  • recommend something (perhaps with a 30-day free trial) – but
  • you can also find freeware online which will do the job fine.

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