Real Life examples

Sophisticated websites 

Although I have been asked about making websites from scratch, using Dreamweaver, GoLive, Photoshop, etc  – and will happily do some research – I have more interest in content, and always have recommended blogs to people who don’t like code, and learning new software, etc.

 Simple websites

Now the same simple methods that blogs developed have become available for website building (like this one!)  Rather than the linear format of blogs, with a long string of posts vanishing into the archives (even though searchable), you can now make a cluster of interdependent pages (a website). Easily.

In terms of changing the ‘look’ I offer these examples.

  • For this WordPress site I have chosen a clean, bright, neutral look. 
  • Similarly, my cv /resume online as tutor, using Google’s Page Creator (beta) .
  • For my film work I have stayed with a characteristic blue-green range (Google Pages) as my ‘theme’.
  • Likewise with my creative writing site (Google pages).
  • The house style of my late night / world wide persona seems darker – a blog I contribute to chose black – so when I made a website to go with it I chose a dark tone – Only Maybe so that cross links don’t seem too jarring…(Google Pages)
  • I then chose red and black for the anarchic persona’s own ‘night site‘ (Word Press)

I don’t claim any of these as well-designed – but I can make and edit them quickly, they look fairly slick and professional, and I don’t have to think too much about it, but spend more time on the content, and intent…


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