Net Trainers

I have started a course on tutoring online, etc – Net Trainers from the Online College – studying with a small group for the next few months.

As well as my fellow students (scattered around the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Thailand!) this gives me access to parallel courses going on across Europe, so I have the opportunity to communicate with a wide range of people with the same interests. Many with far more high-powered jobs than myself.

As it happens, with my work for Cardiff Libraries, I do a fair amount of training material for staff, and have just started looking at Learning Pool (I took a two day training in developing modules, but the whole thing represents a pool of training modules that people can share, modify, and re-use).  We are also developing the Library’s online presence, digitalising the Local Studies material and making e-reference resources available to members remotely, as well as access to their own accounts, etc.


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  1. learningpool on

    Hi Toby

    Thanks for the mention of Learning Pool, glad you liked the Instructional Design workshop. Check out our Learning Pool blog here on WordPress to find out more about what we do.


  2. tobyph on

    Thanks Janet!

    I have added some links to the Learning Pool blogs I have found in Word Press, and will point to the main site, etc. I hope to spend more time this autumn on experimenting with the Moodle environment here at Cardiff Council (on behalf of the Library Service). As this is a pro-active initiative (not something I was asked to do) I don’t know how much time I will be allowed to give it, but I have reason to think I would not be supported by my management on this matter (given that it appears to be part of the Council’s own staff training policy.)

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