Lots of new toys and tools

Online Learning 

 As part of the Net Trainers course we have to do various collaborative projects, so have just completed a set of synchronous (chat) and asynchronous projects. We also used new search engines to search for useful online software for e-learning – and the ones I consider the best examples will migrate to my permanent links on the right.

 e.g. TONIC – The Online Netskills Interactive Course  – a slightly ‘dry’ (text-based)  set of resources, but very thorough.


 The next batch of learning involves co-operation in the use of online software – so initially I have to use some mind-mapping software, and later we will do some shared document editing.

I have tried

  • Bubbl.us  – I found this fun and flexible (can’t access from library public PCs)
  • Mindomo – A little more ‘formal’ in presentation

 but I have also tried the flashier


We have had recommended

Very quick to make (no registration) but rather simplistic, and needs simple coding for formats.  This is a test one I set up for us to try out…

Share documents with something like Word formatting options. As an early-uptaker on Gmail, I use a few of their products, but don’t use iGoogle as a desktop, for instance…

It may grow on me.

I did look at this from home, but can’t access it in the library. More later. Odd that the pop-up should link to Horus Falcon Cult as Astronomy, however (?)


While meandering, I came across WizIQ – some kind of virtual classroom

As part of my work I have started using the Learning Pool software to create an induction package for the libraries.

I have started scouring the library for resources – currently looking in Dewey under 371.334 – with books such as “e-moderating”  “effective teaching with internet technologies” and “e-tivities”

Of course, not all of that relates to what I find interesting. For a start, I have so few qualifications that I can’t really take up teaching kids to pass exams (for instance).

I assume that if I find any work this way it would be in the realm of getting people into internet and computing (an extension of my current work), or helping design learning tools.  (or something!) 

Why do students like online learning?

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks

 Global Virtual Classroom


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