So far, so good


I have enjoyed the stimulus of working on this e-learning course. It has already steered me to several collaborative tools, as well as some free web resources I can use for my own projects.

Although I figure several of the students work either in the corporate world, or education, we seem to have a mixture of strengths and weaknesses that could typify a student group we might have to confront – complete with the limitations of access for some (or not enough free time), and different degrees of ability with computers, or with educational models, etc.

Hartmut and I study on different courses, but Net-Trainers has a forum for cross-over between the national study groups, and he and I agree that we don’t learn enough ‘just doing enough to pass’ – because we want to get into these tools in a bit more depth. As the course is not equipped to provide such detailed technical support and training, we intend to co-operate and play (and perhaps draw a few more people in).

This is partly ‘learning by doing’, as well as networking.  I consider it really important to face and deal with all the difficulties that could turn up later, if this turned into a job. I also prefer to try everything on offer, even if I do choose favourites later.


I personally think that Hartmut’s suggestion of a Wiki, containing a mind-map which lays out some elements of the course with hyperlinks to useful resources would be excellent. As we don’t own the course material we might want to keep it low profile, but it seems important to create something more substantial than simply drifting through the projects, ticking them off a list…

And a course index or map designed this way might prove easier to navigate…


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  1. hbimc on

    Hi Toby

    I just came over Mind24. It is a collaborative, browser based mind mapping tool. It allows us to work simultaneously on the same mind map form England and Germany. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But even better, it is available for free. I posted a very short summary on my blog


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