More and more new software!

Contact with fellow students has led to a flood of links to pursue, software to sample, etc.

I find it easy to resist any that cost money…I sometimes go for 30 day free trials, but often not (I’ll either hate it and have to uninstall again, or love it and be tempted to spend money I don’t have).

I don’t want to link to anything I haven’t tried…but may stick them into these posts, and only ‘graduate’ them to my permanent links after sampling.

[and no, I have no idea why my links appear in both columns at the moment, a consequence of the bug that made me go back to blog format, when the recent update messed with the static Home Page, etc – oh you really don’t want to hear about it!]

One of Hartmut’s that looks really interesting, however, is the Circle of Excellence. Even if you don’t feel sure about NLP, you will find a lot more and different tools there.



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  1. hbimc on

    Hi Toby

    Thanks a lot for putting a link to my Blog into your Blogroll and referring to me in your posts. It is a real pleasure discovering the web together with you.


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