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NaNo Winner 08 with Infinite Monkeys

NaNo Winner 08 with Infinite Monkeys

This may have looked like a dead site, but it was merely dormant!

Since July I have

  • learned Moodle
  • devised a whole pilot scheme using a Moodle-based DLE for the library service
  • added Learning Pool modules to it
  • completed my Net Trainers course with Sheffield College (just)
  • started a Wiki area for the Libraries on the Council Knowledge Bank
  • received the hard copies of our (previously) online magazine, Maybe Quarterly (you can still get a copy from me!)
  • completed a 50,000 word novel with NaNoWriMo (called Infinite Monkeys). 

So I have been busy.


I will be back to adding good links and stuff to this page, and will also be in touch with Anon the Librarian, as he is putting a lot of good Library 2.0 stuff up on his blog.     Library 2.0 and all that.

Meanwhile, Learning 2.0 looks fun (and the 23 things to try). And now there’s Learning 2.1


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  1. Hartmut on

    Hi Toby,

    Congratulations for all the things you completed. Everything sounds very interesting and challenging.

    I am happy that you will continue your blog. Meanwhile, I moved my wordpress blogs to my own domain. The Computer Supported Cooperation blog is now at URL: . I will reassume blogging there soon. The last two month, however, I focussed on my International Management Blog (URL: and my webcatalogue (URL:

    Best regards and a nice weekend from Germany,

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