Waves of websites

I got very enthusiastic about getting online, whether for family contacts, or for business.

When you work as a self-employed person (doing something you enjoy, most of the time), the line between life and work and fun can get blurred…

Julie Shackson finally used Weebly to get her artwork online, and the website certainly has a nice look to it.
Julie's website

She has also got an ongoing  blog incorporated into that site –Juju’s Fybercafe.

Juju's Fybercafe

Now my daughter – Yolande Philpott – has used Weebly to create a website for her aromatherapy practice in Cornwall.

Yolande Philpott - aromatherapist

Yolande Philpott - aromatherapist - website

And I continue to find friends online who, for one reason or another, do not think they need a website…but I am working on them! 🙂

I have to say that, from my experience here, I still find WordPress a trifle confusing, although I gather it becomes very usefully flexible if you dig a bit deeper. I got so lazy with the ease of use I found in things like Blogger, that I find this tricky. But then again, I don’t like the Facebook interface, even though millions of people use it…

Let’s see Upload image then insert – Okaaay…it still seems to insert at the beginning of the post…
Aha! Julie's picture of Matilda, Yo and me in the Welsh Mountains!


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