Although this blog has more or less gone on hold, it remains a record of my self-funding of an e-learning course, without any specific aim to end up as an e-learning tutor.

It complemented what I already found myself doing at work, and that remains somewhere between the techie who gets things to work, and the silver surfer  tutor who shows people how to surf (say) or email.

I still find interfaces interesting – the human-computer interface in particular, and the design aspects of both websites and e-learning courses seemed relevant to that area of study.

That doesn’t mean I adopt everything straight away. I still don’t have a lot of love for touch screens, for instance, still happy with the mouse and keyboard options.  the keyboard goes all the way back to typewriters (even the QWERTY layout) but the mouse remains one of the great innovations.

Having said that, I did some study with blind and partially-sighted people, and for the blind (at least) a mouse proved worse that useless, so I got a crash-course in keyboard shortcuts, and audio clues.

Nowadays I meander through the various options, depending on the context.  The touch typing I learned on typewriters (though never really up to speed) comes in handy, but I still find myself slowing down at times, to a funny kind of hunt and peck (when handling passwords, for instance, when I become slow and meticulous, pedantic, even.

Sometimes I’ll right-click to copy and paste, sometimes use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc.

I quite like having a range of options, like speaking more than one language.

Anyway, and ahem – I was reading .Net magazine, and came across Liz Danzico, and her blog, so in she goes as a resource to explore.

This blog remains my own little set of Favourites, and notes.  I hope you may find some of the links interesting.


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