Test Post

I don’t use this WordPress blog very often, since I finished the e-learning training that caused me to create it as a stash for research links, etc.

However, I gather Blogger has an ever-shrinking percentage of the market, and lots of people have migrated.

So this is just a test post to see if it is possible to access and edit WordPress blogs from the public library internet access.

One thing I noticed was that WordPress doesn’t like Internet Explorer 8 (which is the default browser for Cardiff Libraries at the moment) as you can see from this screen grab, but there are no plans to upgrade to IE9, that I am aware of – and certainly not to open out to other browsers, as yet. 

Which seems a shame as there are many fans of Firefox now (they keep telling me to use it, but although I have a range of browsers I still don’t feel drawn into Firefox).  However, I quite like my Chrome.

Demo of WordPress complaint

Screen grab of WordPress complaint about out-of-date browser


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