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Creating work places

And talking of online activities of the pro-active kind, some of my friends have set up a Ning environment, as a social networking space we actually have some control over…including privacy settings, layout and look, and other tools.

Better than Facebook!

NoFit State blue tent in the 90s

NoFit State blue tent in the 90s

And I have been using Wikispaces to do some of my own online work, which I would like people to at least look at (as work-in-progress) and contribute to (although most people remain passive lurkers in Wiki environments, it seems). Here’s the History of NoFit State Circus workbook, archive, etc.


Still visiting occasionally

This blog got a bit gap-toothed, but it isn’t actually dead in the water and drifting…

I still like my little collection of links – although I ought to check them all again, soon.

For library work I have more regularly posted as Anon of Ibid, amongst other places online that I hang out.

What prompted this visit was a longish article in the current issue of .Net – about Word Press…

Grrr – but ah, what’s this? Powerpoint Producer?

I have become a bit frustrated in the last couple of days, as the plasma display screens we have run on Linux, which doesn’t like a lot of Microsoft products, so we can’t use (say) Powerpoint to produce a livelier display.

We need to convert PPT to MPEG files, if we don’t want a bare bones slide show. Freeware doesn’t seem to have a good reputation for grabbing all the transitions, etc; if we have to buy something then ICT would have to agree; the company want paying to do it for us.


However, in the process of digging around I found the free add-on to Powerpoint, called Producer. Although it doesn’t create PPT files (in fact, it closely resembles Windows Movie Maker) it can import them (and many other formats) to create internal streaming media – so I feel I have to look at it in terms of generating staff training modules.

Where do we start?

Hi Hartmut!    I like the idea of us combining these software programs we find.

Perhaps we should put up a Wiki, add to it a mindmap with links to our various projects (blogs, etc) and also links to any online ‘chat’ groups (like the Yahoo group).

One real problem remains getting lost out here!    If we have too many channels going at once, then people don’t know where to start, or how to join in.

So many choices.


Anyway – I took your suggestion of Mind42 – and started a node for us to work from. (maybe)


Net Trainers

I have started a course on tutoring online, etc – Net Trainers from the Online College – studying with a small group for the next few months.

As well as my fellow students (scattered around the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Thailand!) this gives me access to parallel courses going on across Europe, so I have the opportunity to communicate with a wide range of people with the same interests. Many with far more high-powered jobs than myself.

As it happens, with my work for Cardiff Libraries, I do a fair amount of training material for staff, and have just started looking at Learning Pool (I took a two day training in developing modules, but the whole thing represents a pool of training modules that people can share, modify, and re-use).  We are also developing the Library’s online presence, digitalising the Local Studies material and making e-reference resources available to members remotely, as well as access to their own accounts, etc.

Just me, I guess

I should make it clear that these posts represent an ‘ordinary person’ trying (struggling) to get to grips with web presence, the options available, and explain it to friends – and fellow lifelong learners.

I leave the door wide open for comments, advice and assistance – and polite corrections to my misunderstandings (or to my expressing something in a misleading way).

In no way do these notes claim to be definitive. 

I consider this a ‘learning by doing’ experiment. I will try to leave a trail of what I learn in the next few months, for others to follow.