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Wandering in Chapel Perilous

Too many lives, too many blogs – I posted a link to a different blog, with this title – and immediately made a broken link on Google when I deleted it from here.

I don’t mean to create dead-ends and such, it can feel so frustrating.  The link originally was meant to go to a writing blog, but it also had family references – like to Yolande Philpott’s new Weebly site about her aromatherapy practice.

The writing stuff appears over at Bogus Magus’s Den, and at Write…Well…


Waves of websites

I got very enthusiastic about getting online, whether for family contacts, or for business.

When you work as a self-employed person (doing something you enjoy, most of the time), the line between life and work and fun can get blurred…

Julie Shackson finally used Weebly to get her artwork online, and the website certainly has a nice look to it.
Julie's website

She has also got an ongoing  blog incorporated into that site –Juju’s Fybercafe.

Juju's Fybercafe

Now my daughter – Yolande Philpott – has used Weebly to create a website for her aromatherapy practice in Cornwall.

Yolande Philpott - aromatherapist

Yolande Philpott - aromatherapist - website

And I continue to find friends online who, for one reason or another, do not think they need a website…but I am working on them! 🙂

I have to say that, from my experience here, I still find WordPress a trifle confusing, although I gather it becomes very usefully flexible if you dig a bit deeper. I got so lazy with the ease of use I found in things like Blogger, that I find this tricky. But then again, I don’t like the Facebook interface, even though millions of people use it…

Let’s see Upload image then insert – Okaaay…it still seems to insert at the beginning of the post…
Aha! Julie's picture of Matilda, Yo and me in the Welsh Mountains!

Still visiting occasionally

This blog got a bit gap-toothed, but it isn’t actually dead in the water and drifting…

I still like my little collection of links – although I ought to check them all again, soon.

For library work I have more regularly posted as Anon of Ibid, amongst other places online that I hang out.

What prompted this visit was a longish article in the current issue of .Net – about Word Press…

Spring forwards

Time flies by, and I have received my certificate from the Net-Trainers course.

It’s official! I am qualified! 🙂

Anyway – I had been dabbling in using Google’s Page Creator (I like their new approach to things, like Gmail, for instance, so was willing to be a beta tester again). They caused a bit of a stir, by letting people establish themselves using Page Creator (although it was always a beta project) and caused an uproar when announcing Google Sites – and the necessary migration, etc.

Anyway. I have created a Google Site from scratch, for a holiday cottage my partner has poured time, money and energy into, and which can now be rented for holidays in the mountains of Wales.

I am still learning about Google Sites. I find it a bit tricky (it’s a bit like a Wiki, you don’t ‘Hide’ pages you are working on, but ‘Delete’ them (even though you can recover them, revert to earlier versions, etc).

It takes a bit of getting used to. Here is the Ty Cariad site

Slightly more relevant to the training – I have gained access to the Cardiff Council remote learning site, organised through Learning Pool (the public sector e-learning exchange), and based on Moodle, where I have put up a beta version of possible library training and communication channels. The experimental library section can be found under Miscellaneous.

Net Trainers course completed

I have finished my portfolio, and submitted it ahead of deadline…I only have to fill out a course evaluation form, and then wait.

One less thing off my routine list.

Still contemplating re-writing the hasty book, but I could allow myself off the homework, I suppose.

And I still moderate an Arts Council website, but that’s only a few hours a week…

I’d love to take a proper break, as I have the dark days blues, but perhaps that’ll shift after the Solstice…and the days start getting longer again.

Oh, and the compulsory shopping festival passes, along with the over-indulgence even if you can’t afford it party has finished.

Back to more regular posting

NaNo Winner 08 with Infinite Monkeys

NaNo Winner 08 with Infinite Monkeys

This may have looked like a dead site, but it was merely dormant!

Since July I have

  • learned Moodle
  • devised a whole pilot scheme using a Moodle-based DLE for the library service
  • added Learning Pool modules to it
  • completed my Net Trainers course with Sheffield College (just)
  • started a Wiki area for the Libraries on the Council Knowledge Bank
  • received the hard copies of our (previously) online magazine, Maybe Quarterly (you can still get a copy from me!)
  • completed a 50,000 word novel with NaNoWriMo (called Infinite Monkeys). 

So I have been busy.


I will be back to adding good links and stuff to this page, and will also be in touch with Anon the Librarian, as he is putting a lot of good Library 2.0 stuff up on his blog.     Library 2.0 and all that.

Meanwhile, Learning 2.0 looks fun (and the 23 things to try). And now there’s Learning 2.1

Back again


I say I may be gone a few days, and here I return six weeks later (sigh).

Apart from a two week holiday at the cottage, I have just gotten very busy.  We hope to produce a hard copy of our online magazine, which has involved re-reading 14 editions, and annotating word counts, images, authors, etc.

I still do my work for the Circus Arts Forum (an hour most days), and have been closely involved with all my Net Trainers classes (including ‘leading’ one of the modules).

Currently thinking about navigation, quite a lot, so may return soon with some thoughts and links.



Here and there and everywhere

Over the next few days my web presence may appear a bit reduced.

I have taken the ‘lead’ role on a group project at Net Learners for the next ten days – so have to focus, pay attention to the discussions, encourage everyone to contribute, etc.

Julie and I are also (finally) managing to get two weeks leave together, at the same time.  I haven’t had two weeks in a row for a couple of years!  So I will be attempting to ‘lead’ just with the use of a Mac laptop from a cottage in the country, rather than PCs at home and work, and a Blackberry on the belt.

Should prove interesting!   Still, we’ll have a break, and time together and with the dog, and I reckon it’s going to be fun and relaxing…

But my web presence and interaction will go down…